History began to unroll in 1986 after Frank Gallo was inspired by a new coloring technique learned during a course in England. This new innovative technique utilized foil during the coloring process, which Frank had wasted no time implementing into his own salon in Canada. Education, demonstration and personal visits raised awareness of this method which generated traction in the industry; Boom! Framar was born. What was once a family selling foil out of a stock room in their home, evolved into an entire range of premium color tools and accessories, growing and innovating exponentially year after year. Priding themselves on the vision central to everything they do, for the salon professional by the salon professional. It is this close tie to the salon floor that really offers the best and most valuable feedback one could receive.

No focus groups, no statistics, or blind surveys are to be found at Framar, the only information that matters, is what the professional wants and how the existing product can be improved or designed to reflect the industry needs and trends. Even the packaging and visual appeal of the product has been improved to better represent the fun, sexy, and innovative brand whilst offering a more stable and sturdy platform to work off of. Framar thrives off of leading the industry in innovation in foil and accessories for the modern salon professional. With such close ties to the salon world, Framar remains approachable and engaged by its customer base which allows for the best possible information and feedback available. The motivating force has been what the top professionals want and need from the products they use every day. The hair and beauty industry is exciting, fun and sexy; why not embrace it? Innovate and inspire, that is why Framar stands apart from the competitor; it’s time to be unique, it’s time to be colorful.


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