At West Coast Beauty Inc, we are redefining the way our industry thinks about salon success.


We understand the challenges that your salon faces by having to carry too many products that just don’t sell, in order to offer the brands that you care about. We get the stress you are faced with by having to meet rising sales targets without the support you need at retail. We recognize that you are not receiving the consistent business coaching you need to help you overcome your daily business challenges. We know that over half of the products you carry are collecting dust on your shelves and are actually costing you money.


Wouldn’t it be incredible to see your retail profits sky rocket? To see your salon become a go-to beauty experience for your clients and community… for all of their hair care needs?  To offer exclusively professional, cutting edge brands that truly compliment what your salon stands for? 


It is more than possible and that’s why at West Coast Beauty Inc., our promise is to stop forcing product onto your shelves and to start supporting your business with a different kind of partnership.  


Rather than wasting your valuable time with small talk, we’ve developed a core team of dedicated Beauty Coaches who don’t just come to your door with donuts and an order form. They bring professional expertise and full-stop support to your total business with every visit.  Their sole purpose is to help you overcome your business challenges and to identify new and effective ways to increase your results. Day after day, month after month, year after year – until you achieve your desired business outcome. Our Beauty Coach Team is dedicated to consistently ensuring that no matter what, your needs will be addressed immediately and thoroughly, every step of the way.  


And that’s just the beginning…


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